NOTD: Barbie Nails

Evening all! I'm so sorry again I've been a bit MIA recently, as I explained in my last post, things have been a bit hectic! Anyway, in my last post I told you all about the mini Barbie collection at New Look and I got requests for a NOTD with the polish so here you go sweeties. I just want to apologise that the polish is two days it looks slightly tatty, sorry!

Not much to say about it other than it's pretty much Barbie in a bottle! It's definitely not a unique shade of pink and so I wouldn't say it's a must have, but if you want a cheap OPI/China Glaze etc cheap dupe then it may be something you'll want to pick up. Application wise...okay so how can I say this constructively...I can't...the brush is naff! It makes applying colour to each nail so tricky and time consuming. I notice this with a lot of budget polishes though!

I'm sorry for the really sort and choppy posts of late. I'm a little sleep deprived! I'm going to have an early (ish) night. I've got tons of stuff to update on though! I want to do a Christmas giveaway, to celebrate my 100 followers, but I was wondering whether you guys would prefer it next year? Let me know below! If it is going to get to you before Christmas, then it will go up tomorrow or Thursday. Oh and of course the clothes show! I've got tons to tell you about. So I will speaking to you soon gorgeous girls and guys.



  1. Barbie in a bottle! Hehe I love it :-)

  2. @ abigail- everyone needs a bit of Barbie-ness in their life ;) xoxo


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