REVIEW: LUSH 'Love Lettuce' Fresh Face Mask

You all know about my relationship with LUSH, so I won't bore you, but I want to do a series of reviews dedicated to their fresh face masks. Quite simply, for me, no others compare (and if they do, I want to hear about them!). I thought I'd start with the beautiful 'Love Lettuce' because it's my absolute favourite of the bunch. Some of you may just venture into LUSH for the array of bath treats but the skincare is, in my opinion, outstanding. For those who don't know what a fresh face mask is then let me give you a short (I promise!) introduction...

LUSH face masks really are fresh, and when you see them in store, you'll notice that they're also surrounded by ice. That's because the face masks are as fresh as fruit and vegetables- and due to having no preservatives- they need to be kept in the fridge. The downside is that once you buy one of these masks, you'll need to use it up in a few weeks to achieve maximum results. But what's so lovely about these beauties is that they really ARE natural- it's not one of those gimmicks! Take a look at the ingredients list below...
No long, horrible chemical names- and an ingredient list that is actually understandable! And I've seen these things being made, so believe me when I say that those raw ingredients are all thrown together in a huge mixing bowl thing, stirred by an actual person, not a machine! So here's what LUSH say...

An effective, exfoliating face mask which gives normal to oily skin a softened, smoothed and radiant glow. Polishing almond shell is balanced by the skin softening qualities of almond oil and seaweed gel. With soothing lavender essential oil and the cleansing, tightening action of Fuller's Earth, you'll feel fresh in no time.

And here's what it looks like...

As you can see it's a thick green paste with little almond shells to exfoliate! The ingredients together give a beautiful herbal smell, which always reminds me of herbal tea for some reason! It's a very pleasant smell, and once on dries slightly on the skin, giving a tightening feeling. I normally leave it on for 5- 10 mins and I make sure my skin is always slightly damp when I apply it- it works better for me.

And what do I think? Well it'll be no surprise to you all that I adore this product. It would probably make my top 10 beauty products of all time. It's hard to pin-point one reason why but it just really works for me. My skintype is very weird- a mixture of oily (t-zone), combination, dry and sensitive. When I use this face mask it just sorts out my skin problems. The lavender sorts out my oily t-zone, the glycerin, almond oil and seaweed gel sooth my dry patches and the almond shells get rid of any flakiness. My skin is also rid of redness and feels baby soft. When I haven't used this mask in a while my skin just flares up and then I know I have to get myself some 'Love Lettuce'! I therefore give this- 5/5.

If you have some old LUSH face masks then collect 5 of them and go in and get yourself a free face mask, it's fantastic way to try them! I'd say if you find ones like 'Cupcake' too strong, and yet 'BB Seaweed' to mild- then go for this one first. In store it will cost you £4.95 for 75g but £6.45 for 75g online (due to posting an item so fresh). If you want more information on the product then go here, but also feel free to ask any questions below!
And for those who haven't...(and sorry to those you are fed up of this but... click here for my contest!



  1. Fantastic post! I was always wondering about the Lush fresh masks! I was going to buy one once my current body shop seaweed mask runs out.
    I cant wait to read all your other reviews! :)


  2. Your skin sounds exactly the same as mine! I've never tried Love Lettuce so will definitely give it a go :) xx

  3. Oooh I must try this next. I've got Cupcake and that's gorgeous but Love Lettuce sounds enticing : D

    Amanda xxx

  4. The mac make-up is cool, really like the colour ways.
    Love, The Poor Little Rich Girl's.x

  5. @ Nikki- if you liked the seaweed one from TBS then LUSH do one called BB Seaweed which is lovely and nourishing :) xoxo

    @ Polkadotlaura- Definitely start with Love Lettuce and see how you get on :) xoxo

    @ Amanda- Cupcake is gorgeous isn't it? Cupcake is a lot stronger cleansing wise, I think you'll like Love Lettuce :) xoxo

    @ TPLRG- thanks :) xoxo

  6. I think I'm just going to have to try the entire Fresh Face mask frenzy :P


  7. @ Amanda- definitely! I can't even look at other masks now!xoxo

  8. I absolutely love love love fresh masks by Lush. i haven't tried this one, though!!!


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