REVIEW: 'Can Can' fragrance by Paris Hilton

Evening lovelies! So today I bring you a rather surprising review...and one I never thought I'd do! But yesterday I popped into town to look at the Christmas market and what not, and of course couldn't miss a chance to pop into Superdrug! They happened to be having a huge sale on most of the fragrances and so I tried a lot out that normally I don't even bother looking at, this one in particular.

Now the name behind this perfume should be one that everyone knows and has a view on, I've never really been a fan, but I totally give credit to her for marketing her business through just being her! I'm of course talking about the infamous Paris Hilton. Love her or hate her, her perfumes are seemingly a huge success and I noticed at least 4 different ones in Superdrug. I've personally never bothered looking at her fragrances before but something about the packaging of this perfume made me curious. I absolutely adore the whole Moulin Rouge world, and this fragrance is undoubtedly built on that. So you're dying to know what I think, yes? Well before I give you my opinion, here's the blurb!

Can Can is a fun, flirty and fascinating fragrance from Paris Hilton. This flirtatious and tantalizing scent is remarkably feminine. In general, it is a sophisticated sensual fragrance with a provocative edge! Can Can opens with the vibrant notes of clementine flowers, blended with cassis and nectarine. The ‘naughty but nice’ floral heart blends orchid and orange blossom. The dry down brings harmony, with soft musk, amber, and woods.

Top note: Clementine, Flowers, Cassis, Nectarine
Middle note: Orchid, Orange Blossom
Base note: Soft Musk, Wood, Amber

So that's the nice marketing description, but here's what Paris herself says of the fragrance: "I wanted to create a fragrance that expresses a mood of sparkling elegance. Something that would make me feel wonderfully sexy and glamorous. And that is just what happens when I wear Can Can." Okay, so in a nutshell this is one sweet, sweet fragrance. So be warned right now, if you don't like your sweet fragrances then stop reading this, and don't buy this fragrance! However, for you sweet toothed fragrance lovers (like moi!), this could be for you! I totally agree with the blurb in that it is fun and flirty, but fascinating? Not really; it's hardly anything new smelling wise. But for me, I gravitate towards sweet smelling scents because they're just 'me'. But what I like about this fragrance is that it doesn't smell cheap or of alcohol.

When you first spray it, you do get a hint of some very sweet floral notes, but it also smells like a sweet shop! I'm very surprised there's no vanilla in this fragrance, because every fragrance I own has vanilla in! Once it has time to settle on the skin, that's when you get the musky-woody notes, and for me, the best part of the fragrance. On my skin it lasts, and lasts and lasts! For this alone, I'm hugely impressed as fragrance wears off my skin in 5 minutes. And the musky base is really comforting and I actually agree that there is a nice harmony between the top and base notes. I don't think the fragrance creates a 'mood of sparkling elegance' as Paris suggests, but it's definitely fun and flirty and conjures up the world of Moulin Rouge really well.

And woah, I need to stop talking now! So in conclusion, I really like this fragrance for day-to-day wear, it's mega sweet, fun and flirty but wouldn't win an award for the most inventive fragrance. I also really love the bottle, it's really cute, and the pink feather on the bottom is a fun way to capture Moulin Rouge. So, have you tried any fragrances by Paris Hilton? And have you tried Can Can? Let me know what you think as always!



  1. Yes I did buy Paris Hilton's very first perfume and it was called Paris Hilton I believe. It was the cylindrical bottle with vertical stripes on it. I liked it at the time, I don't at the moment (my favourite perfumes now are Armani Code & Stella by Stella McCartney). And I haven't tried any other or Paris Hilton's perfumes but I'm glad you like the perfume you got and it was at a good price ;)

  2. Karen yes the price definitely played a major part in me buying it! I think it's going to be great for everyday wear as I have my Betsey Johnson one for special occassions, but it's so expensive!


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