November 2009 Favourites

*forces self not to say how fast November has gone by*...but it has!!! November is always an eventful month, what with being my birthday and all. I had quite a few favourites this month, but most of them were accessories, but hey, this is turning out to be a bit of a random blog with a mix of beauty, fashion etc so I thought you wouldn't mind this addition. So less ramble, let's get started! 1. Jergens Naturals Skin Firming Body Moisturiser
I'm not going to talk too much about this product as I'm longing to do a full review on it, but I really love this body moisturiser. I'm so slack with looking after my body. I condition my face and hair but neglect the rest of my body. This sinks in really quickly and has a gorgeous sweet smell and it really does work to firm your skin. Like I said though, I will do a review in the future, but so far I love it! Oh, and it only cost me about £2!

2. MAC Strobe Cream
I've had this product for so long but I never used it because I thought it was just a skin highlighter, but it's such a beautiful moisturiser and leaves my skin feeling gorgeous. I use it every night before I go to bed and I wake up with radiant skin. It's a very special product to me, and I will never overlook MAC skincare again!
3. LUSH Creamy Candy Bubble Bar Slice
This is the most beautiful bath product in the land of bath products...fact! :). If you love sweet vanilla scents, and are already familiar with the LUSH Rockstar scent, then you need to pick up one of these...or several! It has cocoa butter bits in so it leaves the skin baby soft but it also smells just incredible. It's my favourite scent in the world. I wish LUSH did a perfume like this! If you're a LUSH fan, then the Christmas special bubble bar 'Candy Cane' is exactly the same scent, but 'Creamy Candy' is better!
4. China Glaze 'Ruby Pumps' Nail Polish
My new favourite nail polish of all time! Many bloggers have raved about China Glaze so I was extremely curious. Then just the other day I was on Temptalia and saw a swatch. I fell in love! This really is Dorothy's red shoes made into a nail polish. It's so, so gorgeous! I was wearing it for my birthday and it's only just started to wear off. Don't worry my lovelies, I'll do a NOTD for you soon. But trust me, it's beautiful :).
5. 'Can Can' fragrance by Paris Hilton
I just did a review on this at the weekend. I really love it! I've decided that this will be my day-to-day scent as I cannot afford to wear expensive ones everyday. It seems to be proving popular though because everyone keeps asking what I'm wearing...I'm kind of embarrassed to admit it is in fact made by Paris Hilton! haha. But it is a lovely scent.
6. MAC 'Creme Cup' Lipstick
I've wanted this lipstick for the longest time, but I always thought it was a LE shade with the Cremesheen collection, how wrong was I? This has been in the current range for a while. So annoyed with myself! Anyway, it's in my life now, all through the wonderful deal that is Back 2 MAC! It's the perfect baby pink that it great for day to day wear. If you love colours like Plink and Snob then you'll love this. It's so moisturising, because it's a cremesheen and sometimes doesn't even need a gloss. Great for the winter weather!
7. Indian Scarves
The beautiful scarves above were a birthday present from my Mum on a recent trip to India. I absolutely adore scarves, and think they always make an outfit. The design with the elephants is a pashmina and you can't possibly believe how soft it is, it's absolutely beautiful. Then the yellow one has little mirrored jewels around the edge which jingle, so you know where I am when I wear that one! Both stunning. I'm longing to go to India one day.
8. Betsey Johnson Teddy Bear Earrings
Another birthday present! You all know I'm obsessed with Betsey Johnson, so I'm so, so happy I got these earrings for my birthday! I spotted them myself back in the summer, I mean just look at them, cute little pink teddies, what's not to love? ;). The lighting was a bit off so I couldn't get a fantastic close up but they are so stunning, and have a little crystal heart tummy! The only thing that annoys me with Betsey earrings is the hooks. They just don't want to go in my ear easily and it's a bit fiddly. But anyway, these are my go to earrings of the moment!
9. River Island Red Flower Bag
I saw this bag moooonths ago and completely fell in love. River island does amazing handbags and this one seemed so different. I also think the colour is so gorgeous. It looks bright red in the photo but it's more of a brown-red shade. I love it so much! The lining is so cute and you can put stuff everywhere, it's so big! It's definitely my new 'take anywhere bag'! It cost £40 but sold out pretty quick and then people were putting it as a buy it now on ebay for £70 o_O! Don't you just hate it when people do that?!
10. Hello Kitty Advent Calendar
Finally, of course, what we wait all November for....ADVENT CALENDARS!!! From tomorrow until Christmas it's a guilt free mini chocolate a day and look Hello Kitty! You're never too old for advent calendars! ;).

So that's my favourites for another month done! I'd love to know what you've been loving in November. List some of your faves below, or link in a post you've done! I'd love to see. Talk to you all in December!



  1. Love that bag !!
    Awwh can't wait to start my advent calender tomorrow :)
    yours is soo cute

  2. I'd love to do a post like this! And all the products you listed are super gorgeous! I've been lemming that china glaze nail polish for the longest time... But it just seems too expensive for a nail polish for me. I'd love to get creme cup and strobe cream too! Jealous of your bag and cute earrings, hope you had a fantastic birthday Hun!! Xx


  3. I think Favourites post are my favourite to read =) I am going to Lush tomorrow so I might pop one of these in, Is it a bubbly one or a moisturising one?
    I really want to try some cherry/red nails so can't wait for the NOTD. Creme cup is my favourite MAC lipstick. I didn't wear lipstick until I found this!
    I love anything Indian. I went there a few years ago so its always special to me =)
    Great post. xx

  4. @ Abbie- thank you sweety! Oh and the advent caldendar is fr9om M&S, they have a lot of Hello Kitty chocolates and stuff :) xoxo

    @ Princess Livia- You should definitely do one, I'd love to see! If you don't want to splurge on the China Glaze then I've noticed Barry M also do a red glittery one. I can't speak for how similar they are in application terms, but it's a lot cheaper! Oh and I had a fantastic birthday lovely, thank you :)<3 xoxo

    @ Pyxiee- I love favourite posts too! Creamy Candy is a bubble bar so it will give you toooons of bubbles but because it has added cocoa bits in it means it's going to be the most moisturising out of the bubble bar range. I#m jealous you've been to India, I'm so glad you loved it, where would you recommend going first? :) xoxo

  5. I think the China Glaze nail polish shade is fabulous! I love the River Island bag too. I know they always have nice bags, but I didn't know that demand can be so great that they are put up for sale at inflated prices on eBay!


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