NOTD: Jessica Bear in Mind 'Midnight Moonlight'

Evening all! So sorry for the lack of updates recently. I had this horrible Uni assignment that everytime I tried to save, deleted itself. So yes, great fun there...or perhaps not. Anyway earlier this month I told you all about the release of
Jessica Nails Bear in Mind Collection and like me, you couldn't get enough of the cuteness! The other day I finally got my hands on them and so I'd like to show you them in the flesh...or at least, as near to for you lovely lot!

The first one I grabbed from the bunch (and I'm still after that pink one!) is this beautiful deep navy shade 'Midnight Moonlight'. It's absolutely stunning and the brush is great. It's not as 'fat' as OPI (does that even make sense?) but it has a longer handle so it's easier to get precision- especially important with dark colours like this! I'm writing to you on the second day of wearing it and I have to say there are a few chips but nothing major. So yes, thus far, I have nothing but good things to say about Jessica polish, although I'm going to have to see how I get on with the others before I make a proper review. And come on, isn't that bottle just the cutest thing EVER? You know it is! And what's great is that it's the same size as an ordinary nail polish, so you're not losing a lot of product.

Here is just one more photo for you with the flash. The lighting has been awful recently because it's just been so yuck! Oh and I'm sorry I did this before I tidied the edges of my nails:

Finally, have you entered my contest? Because if not it ends tomorrow so make sure you click here to enter! I've got a super busy week (as it's my birthday!) but I've been having a play with the Sleek palettes and I LOVE them. I did a really natural look using them today and EVERYONE was asking what I used.



  1. Awwww the bottle is adorable!! So cute. Loving the olour aswell, I can't seem to find a nice blue that I not too dark. Love it!


  2. *Swoon* so want this colour - gorgeous and what a cute bottle too :D

    Amanda xxx

  3. I love the bottle. It is so cute!

    BTW, You've been tagged! I love reading your blog :)

  4. I love the packaging and colour - the deep navy is gorgeous! And are you using a top coat as well? Your nails are soo shiny esp in the first pic ;)
    Have a fantastic Birthday & best wishes xx

  5. @ Jo- definitely try this one out- although unfortunately it's not the best for preventing chips, but still a gorgeous colour and for a great cause! xoxo

    @ Amanda- Get it, you know you want to ;) xoxo

    @ Kelly- thank you so much sweety, replied to your tag. You're a sweetheart! <3 xoxo

  6. @ Karen- thank you very much for the birthday wishes! And yes- I use a top cost- which is why it's extra shiny-although not as much as the camera picks up! I use one by OPI- it's a base coat, top coat and strengthner all in one. So far, I really like it :) xoxo

  7. The bottle is so cute! The polish is a lovely color as well. I love dark blues like that!


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