REVIEW: Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Primer Potion

If you were to ask most make up fanatics to name one of their top five HG products than Urban Decay Eye shadow Primer Potion would probably come up every time. I know it's in mine, I hate to look back to a time it wasn't in my collection, (but I will admit that Too Faced Shadow Insurance works just as well).

Therefore it was only a matter of time before Urban Decay released a similarly wonder product for the face. I've never really bothered much with face primers before, although I could NEVER do eye make up without a base. Just no. The reason I've never bothered with a face primer is that I'm not a big foundation wearer, but I do wear powder and concealer so when I heard about the release of this product I thought it would be worth a try.

So first a little about my skintype. I think I have what's known as combination skin, I say think, because it's hard to tell when your skin is all over the place I have a really oily T-Zone, very dry cheeks, sensitivity and a bit of rosacea. Lovely huh? I thought this primer would be perfect as Urban Decay claim that it will reduce pore size, soften fine lines and won't be too greasy. To use, you take a pea sized amount and work it in to your face. Below is a picture of what the product looks like. It claims to be colourless but it's white on my skin, as you can see below! Thankfully it didn't leave a white cast on my face like others have said it did; but then I am super pale. The texture was very greasy and didn't sink in for ages despite hardly using any. My pore size was not reduced but my skin was quite soft...but greasy soft!

So does this product live up to its description? Sadly, no. This product was a complete disappointment to me and I have to say that in a weird way, I'm gutted! I've always adored Urban Decay and have loved everything I tried from them but not this time. Perhaps I was wrong to assume that it would be just as good as the eyeshadow primer. Like the lovelyAllthatgl1tt3rsI just didn't like the texture- far too greasy! And I agree with her review completely, why make a pore perfecting primer so greasy when most large pore sufferers have oily skin? And secondly, how can a primer work with that sort of texture? And you're probably thinking, 'well at least they made the packaging more user friendly'. Hmm, well maybe not! I couldn't get any out at all, it has some crazy little diagram on the back. Is it too hard to have an easy squeezy tube design?!

I think that's all to say on this product really. Sorry for being so negative but this just didn't work for me and yet I so wanted it to. As well as the Pore Perfecting Urban Decay have also released a Brightening version for drier skin but I don't think I'll be bothering to try. For more information click this link: here.

As always though please let me know what you think. After all, let's not forget we all react to products differently so whilst I have not got on with the product, you may love it! I just urge anyone wanting to purchase this product go test it out more fully than I did. Thankfully I got a full refund but £15 is £15 so just be careful!

I'll be back soon with hopefully a happier product review soon but I just want this blog to be about 100% honesty! :)



  1. Not a very good experience as I see... I've tried to many pore minimizing products. Theones that did have some kind of effect on my pores were from Vichy and La Mer.

  2. Yeah BeautyTalk I've heard about La Mer but I find no pore products work the wonders they promise! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Try Soap & Glory's The Fab Pore if you want a pore shrinker. It's a facial peel and works really well. I wouldn't say it's wonderful, but it definitely temporarily shrinks them and is only about £6.

    For primers, I usually use a mixture of MAC's Prep & Prime and Benefit's That Gal :)

  4. Good review! Sorry the product didn't work out for you though!

    I've actually never tried a face primer. I'm always hesitant to put a lot of random products on my acne-prone skin. I love Urban Decay's Eye Primer Potion though. I couldn't do eye makeup without it!

  5. @ Laura- oh yeah, Soap and Glory! I can't believe I forgot about them! Thanks lovely.

    @ Little Red- yes it's so weird because I love UD primer potion too but this is just NOT the same. Maybe it needs more testing I don't know.



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