REVIEW: Harajuku Lovers Perfumes by Gwen Stefani

I've had two rather not so happy blog posts lately, so I thought I'd introduce you to these little cuties! Which they should be when the collection's tag line is 'a fatal attraction to cuteness'. And seriously, have you ever seen cuter perfume packaging? Because if you have, I want to know! And I must just start by saying that I am a huge fan of Gwen Stefani and her style although I don't own her first perfume.

These perfumes are influenced from Gwen's love of Harajuku girls but I know what you're all they actually smell any good? Well I have 3- 'G' (a mini Gwen!), 'Music' and 'Baby' (the other two in this collection are 'Lil Angel' and 'Love'). I got these all on my Boots points (gotta love it!) and these are the ones which attracted me most scent wise. I'm going to post a few pics of my little babies first and then I'll write a little review individually on the perfumes I got.

L to R the front view of: 'Baby', 'Music' and 'G'

L to R the back view of: 'G', 'Music' and 'Baby'
This photo shows how big they are- or rather how small they are! About the same size as a MAC Lipstick or Concealer


Without a doubt the 'G' perfume is the leader of the pack! The doll is meant to represent Gwen and well come on, that's pretty obvious...but also with a mix of Alice in Wonderland thrown in there to me. Dressed in a cute white corsetted top with a blue miniskirt and fierce looking fishnet tights. This is the first one of the perfumes I got along with 'Music'. Thankfully the scent is totally me. The scent is very fruity, like the scents you imagine on a tropical Island, with some deeper notes intertwined. I get a strong coconut scent which comes through which is just yum. For any LUSH fans out there this smells EXACTLY like Big Calm jelly! I absolutely adore this perfume, and okay so it's not anything new scent wise but it just puts me in a really good mood and I love it. It's also nice to have a coconut scent that is mixed with more woody notes as it makes it a lot more wearable to me and doesn't become too sickly. Here is a breakdown of the scent:

Notes: Mandarin, Coconut, Apple Skin, Jasmine Sambac, Freesia, Magnolia, Coconut Cream, White Sandalwood, and Cottonwoods.
Style: Tropical. Sunny. Distinctive

This just 'me' in a bottle! It's just so, so cute. As I've said before, I'm a muso myself so obviously I was very drawn to this cutie. As you can see, the doll wears a gorgeously cute smocked sailor outfit with black laced up boots. The hair design is just adorable, with little CD discs shaped hair buns. And just how harmonious is this fragrance arrangement? (Oh dear, just how cheesy did that sound?! ha!) Well, almost perfect! The scent is described as fruity floral and I get that...but it does have a few distinct vanilla/woody notes. On me thankfully the vanilla comes through and I love that but I wish it was a more natural that I wish I could believe it was a real vanilla absolute and not some synthetic notes which I'm 90% sure it is. You definitely get the pear and other fruity notes, the top notes really do sparkle and I like that but it's lost fairly quickly. Here is a descriptions of the scent:

Notes:Clementine, Pear, Jasmine Sambac, Sweet Pea, Honeysuckle, Vanilla, Skin Musk, Sleek Woods.
Style:Sparkling. Juicy. Magnetic.

My latest Harajuku Lovers perfume that I got back in May time. I'm not sure why I overlooked this one at first as it's now become my favourite perfume of the moment! I mean look at her looking as sweet as pie in her pretty little pink babydoll dress with little black Mary Janes. Adorable! And the scent, as you can imagine is pretty much a baby powdery musk in a bottle. It just smells exactly like Baby products and we all know how good they smell! So if you love Baby powder then go and give this a sniff. But it's not just some synthetic smell, I love the delicate amount of rose and vanilla. It's a very soft fragrance and everyone around me loves it! Also, this scent lasts on my skin a lot longer than all the others put together. Apparently it's not doing aswell as the other fragrances so please go in and give one a try! It's love, love, love. Here is a description of the scent:

Notes: Freesia, Bergamot, White Rose, Orange Flower, Tiare, Jasmine, White Musk, Soft Woods, Heliotrope, Vanilla, Violet.
Style: Fresh. Clean. Soft.

My Overall thoughts...

I absolutely adore these perfumes BUT I need to just be a bit product savvy a minute because yes, whilst these fragrances are ADORABLE and right up my alley, they are very expensive to me for what you get. As you can see from my photos they are tiny! The doll is so much bigger than the actual amount of perfume you get which is hardly any to be honest. As a result they didn't last long at all. Moreover, the scents don't last very long on my skin at all. I hear there are solid perfume versions out there though so hopefully I can try these one day as that's the only way I get a long lasting result. The little perfumes like I have cost roughly £12 whereas the larger size (which you do get a lot more product) will average about £20. And whilst the scents are gorgeous, to many they may be very generic. So overall lovelies, I adore these despite this little bit of over examination! I'd rate 10/10 for packaging and 7/10 for the scent as I gravitate towards sweet scents anyway.

I hope that review has been of some help. I hope to get the other two and then have a collection of them all on my dressing table. Totally sad, I know! I'm also very excited to see the range expanding, which includes the solid perfume versions and the 'Snow Bunnies' collection. So do tell me below what you think of these perfumes and of course any questions are more than welcome!



  1. I was eyeing these cuties in my TJ MAxx once, but I was also put off by how little perfume you actually get. Seems like most of the money is for the packaging. Glad that you're liking it though!

  2. Oh yes I mean I too think it sucks how little product you get but I'm one of those fools to be sucked in by adorable packaging! The solid versions look a lot better though, I'd be interested to see how much you get for your money there. Thanks for stopping by!


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