Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies Fragrance in the UK now

Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies FragranceLook who got a winter makeover! Yep, they look indentical to Gwen Stefani's last Harajuku Lovers fragrances but all cosy looking for the winter months. These little cuties are limited edition so you'll want to grab them fast. That's why I thought I'd come on here and do a super quick post to tell you that Boots are currently doing a 3 for 2 on these, as I mentioned these would be coming out in my review. I found them in the Christmas gift section so it probably doesn't mean it's 3 for 2 for the normal range. Definitely worth checking out though! I need G, Love and Baby. Tell me what you're coveting!

Oh and just edited to add that I have no news on the solid perfumes as of yet. Although US girls can get them at Sephora I believe, lucky things :).



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