REVIEW: OPI Nail polish in 'Do you Lilac it?'

opi do you lilac it Hello my pretties,

So today is a review of the OPI nail polish 'Do you Lilac it?' (such a cute name). I'm pretty new to the OPI craze. I have a nail treatment from OPI which I've had forever, and thought it was about time to get myself one of their rainbow of colours! But ahhhh what a choice! I settled on this colour as I've been wanting a lilac nail polish in forever.


* Perfect lilac colour not too pale and frosty
* VERY pigmented
* Nice firm brush
* Speedy drying time
* You only need one colour to get an amazing finish


* A few of my nails had a slight 'bubbly' texture. This may be the base coat though...I use a Rimmel one.

So there you go, hardly any cons and a whole load of pros! I do highly recommend this nail polish. I only applied it yesterday so time will tell whether it chips quickly or not (a huge problem with polishes that I have). I know OPI polishes are quite expensive so if you're looking for a slightly cheaper option I recommend ebay. Yes I know, I know there are fake products out there but I've never seen any fake OPI's around! I got mine from Sally's Cosmetics. The link is here. I highly recommend this store. SUPER quick delivery and wrapped in a stunning pink organza bag.

So do I lilac it? I do indeed!!!



  1. Lovely colour! I just bought it too. A cheaper ebay seller for OPI is
    another good place to get other brands is

  2. Brilliant, thank you so much for the links Emily! I loooove OPI, I can now see why it has the cult following it has!


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