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betsey johnson perfume
So today I want to tell you all about my female crush...BETSEY JOHNSON! Excuse the caps but I am absolutely completely in love with this beautiful lady and everything she does. I am a Betsey girl through and through. I have been in to her crazy world for too many years now...since I was about 13, and whilst on my America trips tried to find all her stores all over. I could go on and on but I must stop! For those who don't know who Betsey Johnson is, well, how to sum her up....girly fairytale dresses with a punk unique edge?! Her dresses are to die for, and she is not afraid to rock up a dress. Unfortunately here in the UK we only have ONE store (not.good.enough!) in London, just off Covent Garden. I try and go as often as is physically possible but if I lived in London I would actually be bankrupt! Anyway, I always buy her jewellery and accessories but always missed something vital out...her perfume! So today I bring you a review of this beautiful purchase I made about a month ago.

Firstly, just take one look at the photo I took of the bottle...10/10 for packaging right? Umm yes! If you like that sort of thing of course like I do. Some may say it's OTT but I just absolutely friggin adore it. It is one of the best perfume bottle designs I have ever seen in my life. Let's talk about the actual fragrance now. I am going to copy out the description from the booklet enclosed with it:

The Fruity Floriental category is both youthful and warm. A rare combination of the bright enthusiasm in juicy topnotes and the creamy addiction that is created in notes of vanilla, amber and musk. This sensual fragrance category offers an innocent sexy nuance, like a sliver of exposed skin.

Top Notes: COLOURFUL AUDACITY. The Juicy Pear gets refreshed by sparkles of Tangerine & Grapefruit, and teased by Blackcurrant.

Heart Notes: ULTRA FEMININITY. Lily of the Valley allies with Freesia in a vintage floral harmony, modernized by a trendy Red Apple juicy accord.

Black Notes: SENSUAL SIGNATURE. Precious woods melt with Vanilla, Amber and sexy Musks in an oriental background that gives the fragrance an unforgettable signature.

I definitely get all the notes described, and what I love most about this fragrance is its depth. My favourite scent in the world is vanilla, I love those girly smelling scents, but I also like something with a bit of depth to it, but not too much. This is just perfect. I'm not just saying this because I love everything Betsey, it is honestly perfect. It's so typical of Betsey and her style in that is is unashamingly girly but also the musk gives it a grown up, tougher edge. I think if you like Angel by Thierry thingy (sorry name has escaped me!) 'Keep It Fluffy' by B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful (I will talk about this company in some detail at some stage), Dior's Miss Cherie then I think you will love this.

I'm not the biggest perfume know-it-all at all BUT I am so, so pleased with this. What's best is it actually lasts. No perfume ever lasts more than two seconds on me but this lasts hours and hours. I couldn't believe it. I'm so impressed! If this hasn't convinced you enough to go and try it than let me leave you with this thought. Betsey herself claims that 'perfume is only as good as the compliments you get on it' and everyone, I mean everyone, has stopped me to comment on this beautiful perfume!

Let me know what you think. Oh and prices. I got the 50ml bottle which is plenty big enough, and came in a washbag with a body lotion for £42. I know this is pricey, but worth it I think! Comment if you've tried it or if you have any questions!



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