Calling all Too Faced Fans!

Okay so I urge anyone who loves Too Faced Cosmetics to get down to Boots...pronto! They are doing a fantastic offer at the moment where if you spend £18 or more you get a free Too Faced make up bag full of fantastic mini products! I am still VERY new to all this blogging stuff but eventually I will have pictures of each product. For now I hope the above will do.

The products include:

* Mini Pink Leopard Bronzer 2.5g (Full size product RRP £18)

* Mini Mirror Lipgloss in 'I Love Myself' 5.04g (Full size product RRP £10)

* Mini Lash Injection Mascara *black* 5 ml (Full size product RRP £13.50)

* Sun Bunny Bronzer Card (Full size product RRP £18.11)

So as you can see-quite the bargain! This is such a great thing for Too Faced to do as it is still a relatively unknown company here in the UK. I highly recommend picking up this product NOW because I think these will be flying out of all Boots stores immediately (and when I say flying I mean literally...after all is it not the perfect bag for a holiday?!) So far I haven't used any of the products apart from the lipgloss so as I get through them all reviews will follow. Having said that, I may be a while...I'm saving these cuties for my summer holidays as they are the perfect size! The only downside? The Sun Bunny on a card. I really don't like to use face/lips/eyes etc products from a card...

(Oh and please note that as far as I know Too Faced is only really sold in the larger Boots stores).

Let me know what you think! :)



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