Friday, January 23, 2015

A Day in Glastonbury Town, Somerset

It's true what they say: sometimes you forget what you have on your own doorstep. When I travelled to Bristol regularly for my studies from Dorset, I'd often pop into a variety of towns en-route as the journey could sometimes take over 2 hours (farm traffic!). About an hour and a half into my journey was Glastonbury, that is also a town near to where my family live. I've never really explored the actual town itself for ages, so one weekend I decided to do just that. 

Glastonbury is a small town in Somerset, England, situated on the low lying Somerset Levels and is about 23 miles south of Bristol (handy map above because, I'm kind of obsessed with them!). It is of course synonymous with Glastonbury Festival, but actually the festival itself takes place at Pilton Farm, which is about 6 miles from Glastonbury Town. Still, Glastonbury goes hand-in-hand with the festival, with it being a centre for religious tourism and pilgrimage. It has a fascinating and unique history, and it is this that inspired the roots of Glastonbury Festival as we know and love it today.

The thing I truly love about Glastonbury is how it supports a large number of alternative shops for such a small town. Here you will find shop after shop selling crystals, incense, holistic books but also plenty of vintage shops and one of my new-favourite sewing boutiques. After a while, I'm not going lie, I felt a little dizzy from all the incense! It's such a multi-sensory shopping experience!

The huge significance to Glastonbury is so much that it has been described as a New Age community which attracts people with New Age and Neopagan beliefs, and is notable for myths and legends often related to Glastonbury Tor, concerning Joseph of Arimathea, the Holy Grail and King Arthur. In facts its whole past is full of myths and legends. One of the myths that fascinated me the most is that Jesus visited Glastonbury when he came to Britain, and according to an article my Auntie recently read, is an idea immortalised in the opening lines of William Blake's Jerusalem. Moreover, The Chalice Well, situated at the foot of Glastonbury Tor, is said to have had a cup buried by Joseph of Arimathea which belonged to Jesus at the Last Supper (he is thought to be the Great Uncle of Jesus and was referred to as 'Joseph of Glastonbury'). Consequently, the water that flows from this well is sometimes called the 'blood spring' and its high iron content is said to have strength-boosting properties. True or not, the history of Glastonbury is truly fascinating.

Glastonbury is also home to one of the most important abbeys in England and it was the site of Edmund Ironside's coronation as King of England in 1016. It's really nice to see that so many of Glastonbury's most notable and oldest buildings still survive in the town, including the Tribunal, George Hotel and Pilgrims' Inn and the Somerset Rural Life Museum, which is based in an old tithe barn. There's just so much to see and do in Glastonbury and if you get the chance, I highly recommend you visit. It's a place truly, truly like no other and an experience you'll remember.

I've been half thinking of creating a 'Exploring Wiltshire' or 'Exploring Somerset' feature in the future
but I've got to finish my hometown of Dorset first! Have any of you been to Glastonbury before? Please be warned if you plan to visit whilst the nearby festival is on the roads get completely chic-a-block. Trust me friends, trust me!! 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Rotating Cosmetic Makeup Organiser and Make Up Storage

When it comes to make up storage and cosmetics storage I'm a very indecisive creature! I've tried many various things over time and always felt it wasn't quite right. In fact, I've addressed this quite a bit already on my blog if you fancy digging into the ol' archives! One thing I'm truly settled on is storing my eyeshadow palettes in letter holders. This is a dreamy little set up and one I've used for years.

For my main cosmetic and beauty collection I just wanted to streamline everything. In fact, the scary thing about getting older is that you just want to simplify everything and have a less is more approach....or is this just me?! I got myself a new dressing table later and I absolutely love it. I think I'll do a separate post on that but it's the White Dunelm-Mill Dressing Table (20% off ends on Sunday!) in case you were wondering. It has one big drawer and then two other smaller ones beneath the mirror. I've managed to get all of my collection in one said drawer but I felt I needed one other storage item to put everything else in that was a bit bulky.

I was flicking through Musings Of A Muse and spied the gorgeous Etude House Princess Rotating Make Up Holder. It looked like something my inner 6 year old self would be all over, but it turns out that my twenties self loved it just as much! I searched high and low but it was sold out everywhere. So, onto Ebay I went, and I spotted something almost identical and it was a very impulse buy for me (and pink!). Because it was a UK seller it arrived in just a few days and after about 5 minutes of setting it up it was all ready to be used. I noticed a few people on the item were stating how hard it was to put together but I promise it's very straightforward.

I've been using it for a few weeks now and I really love it! At first, I'm not going to lie, I had a few things spiralling off as I got a little too overly exciting with the rotating-ness of it (!!) and also you really have to make sure every shelf is clicked exactly into place as otherwise it's not entirely stable. But apart from these hiccups it's such a handy little storage system. I keep changing the items up because I'm getting a feel as to what looks and works best, but the photos above hopefully show you how much you can fit on and how it looks overall. I'm in love with the lipstick and lipgloss holder at the top- believe it or not it fits in all my lip stuff!

And I'm so happy that each day I can twirl it around and see the whole of my collection right in front of me. I find I really use absolutely everything I own now and I wasn't doing that when I had everything in drawers. I think if you have a small-medium sized collection you may want to check this out. It cost £19 and you can find the exact design I got here.

Do any of you own one of these? And how do you store your make up?

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