Thursday, April 16, 2015

How to wear a Reversible Turban Headband

This is three weeks in a row I have uploaded a Youtube Video....I know! I'm still such a newbie when it comes to iMovie but I'm really enjoying getting used to it all and all the amazing features. Today I created a little video with some clips we filmed behind the scenes on my Turban Headbands photoshoot

The video shows you how to style a brand new product at Beauxoxo: The Reversible Turban Headband! I have been working on this headband for a very long time! When I make my hair accessories I so often want to build on what I already do, or create multi-tasking uses for products. My Turban Headbands are some of my most popular hair accessories that I do and I'm really excited about this new product. On one side it's made from a fun pattern of some sort (I'm starting with a Floral Print and Lace Print) and on the other side it's a plain turban. I'm so happy with them and I really hope you love them too! 

There are tons more products to come at Beauxoxo and on my blog too. I'm so excited now the sun has finally showed an appearance in the UK and this makes me so motivated to film DIY videos outside and take tons of blog photos. 

I hope you liked the video and more to come soon! Meanwhile, do you have any video requests? If so, please leave them below.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Behind the scenes: Beauxoxo Spring and Summer 2015 Turban Headbands

Hi everyone! Just last month I went to a very luckily for us all sunny Bournemouth to shoot some highly requested plain, block colour turban headbands for Beauxoxo. You can already shop the collection right here and I hope you love it. I wanted to create headbands in plain colours that you can wear with every outfit imaginable and also because they are the perfect workout headband, at least, so you all tell me! I love to hear how you wear my designs.

The music that accompanied this video, in case you're wondering, is Verite 'Strange Enough' (The Carousel Remix) and you can download it here. If you like what you hear and want to know more I actually made a post all about the lovely Verite in my 'Music Monday' series that you can read about right here.

It was so lovely to work with Dani, an Bournemouth Arts University student and the gorgeous Laura a local model in Bournemouth. We were blessed by a very sun drenched late winter Bournemouth and so it looks so much warmer than it was throughout the week. Perhaps we all had much luck on our side, but thank you sunshine for making a lovely appearance for us! It gave the photos such warmth and a golden hue I love.

I'm seriously inspired by the 70s at the moment which is incidentely a huge trend for Spring and Summer 2015. I filled my Pinterest with inspiration and eventually decided on messy waves, nude, glossy make up and individually placed little gold stars for a true bohemian vibe. I love how they come off in the photos!

♥ Photoshoot credits:

Photographer: Dani Baker
Models: Laura Betton
Location: Bournemouth Park
Hair Accessories: Beauxoxo

I hope you love the video and the collection. Let me know what you think! Shop it right here.

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