Monday, June 27, 2016

Music Monday: Anni Redemption Street EP Review

I'm taking you back to Helsinki today to share another Finnish music sensation I'm absolutely loving right now. But- wait for it- it's something a little bit different from my beloved Scandi-Pop. I know. So let me introduce you to Anni; a singer-songwriter from Helsinki, Finland. 

Anni says her newly released EP 'Redemption Street' is about authenticity, and she goes on to say that: "It’s an anthem to the future generation to be themselves and accept whatever imperfections and scars they might have in life. Once you choose to step into the path of authenticity, you walk through a mental pitch black where you are confronting everything about yourself you have been hiding and denying in order to fit in and be liked. You have to choose mercy and self-love. At the end of this dark journey, is the most awesome life you can imagine. For me, that journey was Redemption Street.” 

And Anni certainly brings us on this journey that is so personal to her, and this collection of stunning songs is both truthful and bound to pull at the heart strings of anyone who listens to it. And so to appreciate the beauty of this catalogue of music you really need to fully immerse yourself in the stories Anni is singing. 

The heart-wrenching lyrics and vocals are paired with an instrumentation of the icy synths-beats you associate with music from this part of the world, but it is also mixed with the delicate sound of the piano: acting as one of the main storytellers. 

Overall Anni takes her own style of songwriting and fuses it with contemporary scandi beats to create a 5-track EP that demonstrates an exceptionally strong musical talent that's so refreshingly different. With honest lyrics paired with emphatic instrumentation it's the perfect EP for a chilled summer day: come rain or shine (something both the UK and Finland have in common!)

I really hope you enjoy listening to Anni's beauiful music and I'd love to know what you think in the comments.


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Sunday, June 12, 2016

REVIEW: Caudalie Vinosource Range

I'm was so thrilled when Caudalie recently reached out to me about their prettiest new Vinosource Range that I've seen looking pretty all over social media.

The Vinosource Range uses grape water which soothes, hydrates, strengthens and nourishes the skin. The whole range is free from parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, sodium laureth sulfate and animal ingredients. I was sent a mixture of full sized and sample sized products from the range in a beautiful illustrated cosmetic bag that I cannot wait to travel with this summer. Here's my mini reviews of the gorgeous bundle of grape goodies I was sent!

And in case you wanted to learn about the history of Caudalie , they are a 100% independent French family that represent the very best in French-made cosmetics. Caudalie  was founded over 20 years ago on the vineyards of Bordeaux, utilising the exceptional anti-oxidant powers of the grape and vine, backed by innovative scientific research and technology. They have now successfully built up a cult following, adored by the press, celebrities, beauty bloggers, make-up artists and winning numerous industry beauty awards which has meant that Caudalie  has grown into a global success story. As well as the Vinosource Range, I also picked up the Polyphenol C15 Eyes Set so look out for a separate review of that set. 

Organic Grape Water

The first product I was really excited to try was the Caudalie Organic Grape Water. If, like me, you're a fan of the much loved 'Beauty Elixir' from Caudalie you are going to love that. Like Beauty Elixir, it soothes, refreshes, but this has the additional benefit of providing moisture for even the most sensitive skin types. Also, unlike Beauty Elixir, the skin instantly absorbs this botanical water so there is no need to blot after use. It's beautiful to use in the morning in particular when you want to add an additional step to your skincare even if you're in a rush.

Like the rest of the products from the Vinosource Range, the grapes for the Organic Grape Water are comprised primarily of organic Merlot and Muscate grapes from the Gard and Herault regions, which are particularly renowned for their sunshine. These 100% organic grapes are farmed in the best possible conditions protecting the environment. The harvested grapes are then pressed and distilled using a low-pressure process, exclusive to Caudalie. Overall, the process is designed to purify and isolate the water from the grape juice through evaporation. This exceptional organic grape water is combined with a very small dose of pure organic red grape juice to achieve the perfect formula that is rich in polyphenols and polysaccharides, as well as minerals to maintain the skin’s soothed and moisturised barrier.

This is truly the perfect product for this time of year and at just £6 for 75ml it's the ideal travel companion. Having something like this on hand when the weather heats up is the very best thing and I'll certainly be taking it on my summer adventures. For more information click here.
SOS Thirst Quenching Serum

One of my favourite products to try was the Thirst Quenching Serum. So often when it's summer I skip serum because it's just too heavy, but this has such a lovely lightweight oil-free formula that it's so effortless to use and apply. The Thirst Quenching Serum continuously captures and diffuses water deep within the skin to restore moisture balance and leaves skin refreshed, hydrated and comfortably soft. The winning element to this product is that it really has a super fast absorbing formula. Plus, it's gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types. Whilst you may not have room in your holiday bag for a serum, this is something certainly worth going into for longer breaks. For more information click here.   
Moisturizing Sorbet

One of the stars of the The Vinosource Collection is the Moisturising Sorbet inspired by the girl who is in search of a delicate and effective beauty routine with ultra-natural formulas. Infused with a “quick break” technology, this beautiful gel-cream turns into a patch of water on contact with the skin to strengthen, moisturise and soothe the skin.

It really is the perfect moisturiser for this time of year when to be honest, let's face it, applying layers of skincare can seem a chore with the humid weather. The formula of the Moisturising Sorbet however, is comprised from 98% ingredients of natural origin.

Some of the superstar ingredients that you can find in Moisturising Sorbet is Organic grape water, to soothe and moisturise the skin, Vinolevure, that retains the skin’s moisture and reinforces the immune defenses, Aqua-regulating complex that visibly reduces the oily sensation on the skin, Chamomile, and finally Grape Seed Polyphenols that are rich in antioxidants to defend skin against free radicals. I've used one little tube already and I'm excited to take the over away with me. I was also fortunate enough to receive mini sachets of the other Moisturising Sorbets and I have my eye on the Moisturising Mattifying Fluid as well.


A huge thank you to Caudalie for letting me try this beautiful new Vinosource range, and I'm so in love with the bag as well that will store my travel essentials from the range in true style. To truly see the range come alive there are some beautiful videos right here that are making me want to pack a little bag for France right now! 

Whilst you can find Caudalie at French pharmacies and Space NK here in the UK, the online website has some fantastic offers I've just spied such as free shipping with orders £30 and over, free gift wrapping with any £60 spend and most exciting of all: 3 free samples with any purchase. Parfait!

How many of you are Caudalie fans? Have you already tried the Vinosource range? I'd love to know what you think! For more information about all of the products mentioned click here

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