Thursday, 24 July 2014

Prep: Getting Festival Ready

Hey readers, hope you're lucky enough to be out enjoying the sunshine wherever you are! I love summer, a.k.a the festival season, and next month I'm going to my first one! I'm so excited! I want to make sure I'm prepared, so I've put together a list of the festival accessory picks I plan to purchase to be festival-ready!
1. Sunglasses

Definitely the first thing to consider! I always go to ASOS for sunglasses - there is so much choice! It was tough, but I finally decided on these River Island Iggy Bling sunglasses. I have always previously chosen black frames but I'm really glad I branched out - the pink is so pretty!
2. Hair Accessories

I love cute hair accessories so this Pink and White Flower Crown from Beauxoxo is definitely on my wish list. The flowers are made up in the prettiest colours; my favourite for accessories (you might start to notice!), which will match perfectly with the cute, cream cut-out dress I plan to wear on the first day.
3. The Kimino

A must-have for festivals - they finish off any outift! I love this one from PrettyLittleThing, although I'm not sure about the tassels... But it's so pretty and I love the floral design so it's making the list!
4. The Bag

I need something big enough for my essential items (make-up, dry shampoo) but small enough that I can hook it over my shoulder easily and effortlessly like this River Island gem from ASOS. I have to dance carrying it after all - don't want my (bad) dance moves to be restricted!

5. Wellies

Even if you don't need to wear them they look so good on at festivals, which is why I've got my eye on this Joules pair from Office. The festival I'm going to is in Cornwall anyway so will probably need them!

6. Nail Glamour

I don't think an outfit is complete without pretty, colourful nails which is why I always buy Barry M nail varnish. My favourite at the moment is Barry M Gelly nail paint. I have a few in my collection already, but there are now cute pastel colours available!
7. Jewellery

Finally, the statement necklace and earrings. I don't like anything that's really big, so this cute daisy chain with matching studs from Dorothy Perkins is perfect. Finishes off any ensemble!

That's my outfit set-up so far, is there anything I've missed? Please let me know, don't want to forget anything!

Post by Ellie @Beauxoxo Intern 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My Beauxoxo Festival Picks

Hi bloggers! In my last post I shared my festival to-buy list, and in that was one of Georgie's Beauxoxo creations - the Pink and White Flower Crown. I had so many favouites, which got me thinking about creating this post; my favourite festival hair accessory picks from Beauxoxo.
flower crown
Rainbow Flower Crown

Flower crowns are the festival must-have, and this ever-so pretty headband is definitely an essential piece to consider!
butterfly headband
Butterfly Headband

This is so cute and delicate - perfect if you don't want to wear something too bold.
turban headband
Floral Turban Headband

A turban headband like this is essential to pretty up an up-do bun. Both casual and cute, you would be festival-ready with this accessory.
daisy headband
Daisy Headband

This simple yet beautifully detailed flower headband would be perfect; it comes in 8 colours so you're guaranteed to find one to pair with any outfit!
yellow and white flower crown
Yellow and White Flower Crown

Prepare for the summer-look with these cute yellow and white flowers prettying your hair!

What are your favourite festival pieces from Beauxoxo?

Find the full collection at Beauxoxo or on Etsy.

Written by Ellie @ Beauxoxo intern

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Lets Talk Vintage... At Bournemouth Vintage Emporium

When people think of fashion they often think of London as the place where fashion lives, but it exists down in the South-West too! Bournemouth is scattered with quirky, kitsch and unique fashion, and offers some of the best vintage items - you've just got to know where to look!

I went to Boscombe to visit the Bournemouth Vintage Emporium to see just what fashion treasures it holds, and I was not disappointed! (Had to resist the urge to buy so much, it wasn't easy!)

Bournemouth Vintage Emporium is the home of all things vintage; a place where lots of independent sellers such as What Alice Found, Love From Hetty & Dave and Glad Rag Retro have come together under one roof to sell their vintage finds or creations.

My first thoughts were how big it is - there are so many stalls! Each is designed like a little open-plan shop, and I loved that each had different furnishings from wallpapers to carpets or rugs, paintings to posters. Every store had it's own character which set them apart from one other. There is so much to look at, I really did lose track of time whilst I was in there!
The range of items you have to chose from is huge: accessories, jewellery and bags, shirts, coats and dresses (even stunning vintage bridal-wear) and hats, shoes and scarves. I didn't expect to fall in love with so much - you're guaranteed to find a perfect piece for you.
My favourite stalls would have to be Mork and Mindy for the cute sixties dresses they sell, Love From Hetty and Dave for their perfectly handmade leather animal pumps and first and foremost, Molly and Harlequin. I love the homemade cards and framed pictures they've created of messages spelled out in vintage playing cards.
If it's not fashion you're looking for you can still find lots of vintage pieces for you, such as home-ware, like ornaments, lamps and dinnerware sets, homemade crafts as mentioned above, and wall-art, from posters to paintings.

You can find Bournemouth Vintage Emporium at:

1172-1180 Christchurch Road, Boscombe East, Bournemouth, Dorset BH7 6DY

Or you can find out more through their Facebook or their website.

Have you visited the Bournemouth Vintage Emporium? If so, what did you think?

Written by Ellie @ Beauxoxo intern

Monday, 21 July 2014

Favourites: Office Furnishings

In light of the Beauxoxo & blog headquarters moving into a new office, I got shopping around on the world wide web (as I often do) to browse cute office furnishings. I came across many little bits that I fell in love with (I want to decorate a new room now!) and I thought I'd share them with you.
1. Desk Organisers

I think every desk needs one of these; they keep your stationary bits in one place and your desk looking tidy and organised as a result. I found this desk organiser through Mod Podge Rocks! blog. It's a homemade organiser made from recycled bits - before I came across the instructions on how to make I had no idea it was homemade! Looks too good! (Anybody else think that?) If you're tempted to make one yourself you can find the tutorial here.
2. Storage Boxes

I'm a bit of a hoarder so I have so many of pretty storage boxes like this collection from Laura Ashley! They not only keep your things safe and your room tidy but they would pretty up any office! They are essential for craft-lovers: you need something pretty to store all your pretty crafty bits!
3. Vintage Pinboard

In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, notes and reminders can be easily made with a few taps on a smart-phone, which come with the added benefit of alerting you when the deadline you set is approaching. But I think it can be good to write things down too, and especially so something like this vintage pinboard from rubyandjoy's Etsy shop can be placed to brighten up any plain wall!
4. Wooden Word Blocks

They would probably be more likely to be found in a bedroom, but why not put them in an office - they give a room character and you can get personalised ones too! Or you can make your own: you just need some old wood and some paint or wallpaper and you can start creating! If not, you can find them in lots of home stores, for example like this one from The Range.
5. Calendar Wood Blocks

I'm obsessed with all things Hello Kitty, and now obsessed I'm with this! How cute would this wood block desk calendar from WoodnDoodads Etsy shop look on your desk? Of course you can use your phone or laptop to check what the date is if you ever need to, but this would pretty-up any desk so why not get it?! And wouldn't it be nice to not have to look to your phone for everything? (Although admittedly you might need to check it quickly to know the date to put the wooden blocks right!)
6. Candles

Everybody loves a good smelling candle, and a room is never quite complete without one, so this cute vintage find is going on this list! I know candles are not typically found in an office, but this vanilla-scented candle sold by OdditiesVintage would add some decoration to your desk - and it wouldn't look out of place since its disguised as a teacup!

I got beyond tempted to purchase many of these items, but managed to resist... for now!

Is anybody currently shopping for new furnishings and found something they think is a must-have for an office space? Let me know if there's anything I missed!

By Ellie @ Beauxoxo intern